Type of property: House - Detached

Size: 629 m2

Constructed: 1990

Renovated: 2017

Floor: K+P+1+M


Region: Gorenjska

Reg. subunit: Radovljica

Settlement: Stara Fužina

Price: 1.590.000,00 EUR

629 m2, detached, built in 1990, fully reconstructed in 2017, 685 m2 of land, B + G + 1 + A, Apartment house with 5 larger apartments, for sale. Price: 1.590.000,00 EUR

Additional description

The apartment house is for sale in its entirety. Each unit has already prepared separate connectors for the counters. Currently,in  the land register is entered as a whole and ownership is regulated. The buyer can arrange the apartments according to his wishes and start renting to tourists. In the future, this activity must report in the municipality and obtain a categorization.

Apartment No.1, which is also one of the 2 duplex apartments, is completed as a sampled apartment. Other apartments are ready for the final closing stage to fit the wishes of the owner or designer. Only the floor is missing: parquet, ceramics, bathrooms and ceramics, as well as bathroom equipment, as well as interior doors. A heat pump is provided in the building and for this purpose a floor heating is arranged in the premises. The walls are ready for painting.

The building has the highest quality thermal and sound isolation. The surroundings of the building are arranged: paved access roads and parking places, the direction of the meteoric water is made.


-          quiet and attractive location, last row

-           in Triglav national park, near ski slopes, bike path, river, lake, town center with shops

View: river, Julian Alps

LAND: 685 m2

-          Registred in the land registry, regulated border

-          Parking for 10 cars

-          Private plots /garden  for each apartments

BUILDNIG: 629 m2

- built in 1990;

- newly reconstructed in 2017 /2018;

- 5 spacious separated apartments as independent units;

- 4 levels;

- registered as multi apartment house;

- capacity of fixed beds: 16

- capacity of extra beds:  10

Apartments have the potential of luxury accommodation and are expected to be rented for a higher price. At present, there is a shortage of private apartments in Bohinj with the possibility of accommodating a whole family with 4 - 6 people.

Similar apartments are rented during the high season for the average price of the apartment / overnight of 300,00 €.

Apartment  1, Duplex , 80,98 m2

Living area 66,64 m2 + terrace  21m2+ balcony 7,5 m2 + lot 90 m2 + pantry 8,5 m2 + parking for 2 cars

Capacity of beds:

-  fixed: 4

- extra: 2

Apartment 2, Duplex: 97,67m2

Living area 97,67 m2 +  lot 54 m2 + pantry 8,5 + parking for 2 cars

Capacity of beds:

- fixed: 4

- extra: 2

Apartment  3: 108 m2

living area 108 m2 + terrace & balcony 23,45m2 + lot 95 m2 + pantry 8,5 m2 +parking for 2 cars

Capacity of beds:

-  fixed: 4

- extra: 2


Apartment   4: 60,55 m2

Living area 56 m2 + balcony 4,17m2 + lot 16,5 m2 + pantry 8 m2 + parking for 2 cars

 Capacity of beds:

-  fixed: 2

- extra: 2



Apartment  5:   128,88 m2

living area + balcony 12,21 m2 + pantry 8,5 m2, parking for 2 cars

Capacity of beds:

-  fixed: 4

- extra: 2

PRICE: 1.590.000,00€ + VAT

Buyer pays comission fee to realestate agency 1,5% + VAT

Please, contact for additional information:

Nigora Jakša

Nepremičninska posrednica

+38640726870 mobile



Majestic, mysterious, exciting, playful, and unique. Slovenia's only national park proudly covers 840 square kilometres in the heart of the Julian Alps.

The Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve is the first biosphere reserve in Slovenia. It is an intergovernmental research programme that aims to establish a global network of biosphere reserves which strive to uphold the balance between people and nature, biodiversity and sustainable development and upkeep of cultural values.

Crystal-clear rivers, virgin forest remains, high-altitude mountain ridges and summits, glacier-carved U-shaped valleys, glacier lakes, raised bogs, and much more. In this part of the globe, nature is at its richest and most beautiful.

Endemic animal species, including the wolf, bear and lynx, and bountiful diversity of flora that boasts 19 endemites. In this land of myths and legends, people still live in perfect harmony with nature, attuned to its tradition. 

Vast, enchanting forests, deep-carved valleys, high-altitude pastures, and crystal clear waters that flow down from the slopes of the country's highest mountain, Triglav, into rivers, lakes, and brooks.

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