For sale, Land - OTONICA

For sale: OTONICA Print

Type of property: Land - Farm

Size: 236500 m2

Constructed: No information

Renovated: No information

Floor: No information


Region: Notranjska

Reg. subunit: Cerknica

Settlement: Otonica

Price: 260.000,00 EUR

236.500 sq.m., farm, protected farm, village Otonica, municipality of Cerknica, for sale. Price: 260.000,00 EUR

Additional description


In the heart of nature on the Slivnica slope, at an altitude of 630 m, we sell a beautiful, protected farm, very dynamic with Rakitna and Cerknica, with enormous opportunities for development and progress in various activities, from forestry, agriculture, animal breeding, tourism and so on.

Because of its untouched nature, the farm has great potential for organic farming, animal breeding, beekeeping, etc.

Likewise, the installation of several wooden chalets on terraced plots opens up the possibility of developing ecological tourism with all the advantages that nature offers. The farm is an ideal starting point for hiking, visiting the beauties of Cerknica field and the Loška valley on one side and Rakitne and the Ljubljansko barje on the other.

The farm has its own water catchment with sufficient quantity of water, a huge grazing area is enclosed and an active quarry with excellent sand quality is ready.

The total area of ​​land is 23.65 ha, of which 13.6 ha of forest, 9.6 ha of agricultural land and about 4700 sq.m. of building land.

A part of the farm is also a residential house with four separate flats measuring 245 sq.m. (currently rented), a stable, a workshop and a storage area of ​​370 sq.m. and a cottage measuring 59 sq.m..

Distances between places:

- Cerknica 8 km,

- Rakitna 15 km,

- Highway at Unec 15 km,

- Ljubljana via Rakitna 42 km.

Seller: Remax-invest, Nigora Jakša s.p.
Address: Štihova ulica 13
1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +38640726870
Skype: remax-invest-en